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About this Resource

NEAT offers playful ways to examine creative applications of STEM concepts for a true STEAM approach. This resource guide offers a visual analysis of selected artworks and links the works to broader concepts in programming, engineering, science, and mathematics. This curriculum provides both arts-based resources as well as STEM-inspired activities to explore the technologies used by the artists in NEAT. Each module in this resource is grounded in the principles of the relevant Next Generation Science Standards and connects to scientific method-inspired processes of observing, hypothesizing, experimenting, and interpreting.

How to use this Resource

This resource for educators is divided into two sections: Prepare and Explore. The sections may be used together or separately, with or without a visit to The Contemporary Jewish Museum. Use the links embedded in the titles below to direct yourself through the rest of the Educator Resource Guide.

A great way to introduce students to the big ideas behind NEAT, to acquire background information about the artists and topic of art and technology, and to prepare students for a visit to the exhibition.

A deeper way to experience selected artwork from NEAT. The section contains links to videos of the art and interviews with the artists in an online catalog, information about the artists, questions for visual analysis of the artworks, and Extend, ideas for connecting these artworks to STEAM curriculum areas with experiential ways to learn more about the scientific and artistic concepts behind the artwork through classroom projects and activities. This section can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of a Museum visit. It can be also used as a template for a self-guided experience in the gallery.