Camille Utterback


Camille Utterback makes interactive video projects that track the movement of viewers and transforms that information into abstract and evolving painting-like projections. Utterback adds that, “there are usually other behaviors happening that are less obvious, but that contribute to the complexity of the image that evolves—i.e. behaviors that connect different moments of time, behaviors that respond to ‘stillness,’ different movements that erase as well as add marks.” For NEAT, she works for the first time with evanescent, multi-layered scrims as projection material. The work is an attempt by the artist to have viewers not only interacting with the computer program, but also facing each other on the other side of the scrim, jointly creating a two-sided, transparent image.

1970 Bloomington, IN

San Francisco, CA

1999 Masters in Professional Studies in the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, NY
1992 Bachelor of Arts in Art, Williams College, MA

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